30 Blogs I am not Doing- but more

So this whole project is based around the idea of living lives I don’t live.

I love making my art, but I cannot be every single artist I dream of being.

In my opinion, “Life is like Pikman.” If you don’t know the video game Pikman, it is mostly noted for these tiny grass creatures who do tasks for a lost Astronaut. However the more meaningful game play tool in the Pikman is the time element. One only has 30 Days in Pikman to completely fix your spaceship (the main goal of the game).

The really sweet cut scenes remind you that the game is never about getting every single part, but about fixing you ship so you can get home.

I can’t make every single art project in my head before the game of Pikman I, and all mortal beings, are playing in life.

Think about that :)

“Life is like Pikman”
– Mike Fallek