Mic Test: MY Day


These are puppet versions of sketches that I make with a mic I carry with me everywhere.

I am making these puppets out of excess material from my studio. Read my blog post on it to get the whole thing

Me and the hilarious Adam Lauria https://twitter.com/adamlauria


Why puppets?

So if you didn’t see the first mic test puppet movie on the podcast feed, check it out now.

I have made one puppet movie before this for Gil William’s movie. I called it the Dimension Beast and in the movie it is called KindEye. http://ourherocomic.tumblr.com/post/128846342438/enjoy-a-new-choppedandscrewed

However after building up a ton of these recordings I call Mic Tests ( improvised spur of the moment recordings with a mic I keep on me at all time) I decided to make puppet movies for all the scenes.

The second motivation for this is a good habit of mine for art making that ended up having a critical mass tipping point: I take junk people don’t want.

It’s a known practice amoungst artists to save unwanted things to repurpose them for the art. However, as I mostly work in stop motion, my scale has prooved too small to use all my supplies. So in the interest of having a reasonable and organized collection of supplies in my studio I decided to make puppets.

The puppets larger scale allow me to get rid of more of the material.

BUT I love things like this. Practical need creates art. It’s always the best result for me. It’s motivation beyond regular art. It needs to be made. I hope yall enjoy the films to come!

Mike Fallek