Mic Test: The Case for Caffeine Pills Part 2



Reddit and the so called “bad user”

I stayed away from Reddit for a while. A fan of the work of 4chan but not one to use it, I saw Reddit as having all the bite of 4chan without the sophisticated bar of entry- an internet version of Nyquil: too easy to get for such a crude high. This was, of course, the opinion of an idiot.

REDDIT SHOULD BE LOVED AS ANY OTHER INTERNET FORUM. One cannot blam the people for having a hard time communicating. Get a bunch of people in any room and someone is going to get confused and frustrated at some point.

I have learned not just how to meet people in real life since I first experienced the shitty feeling of unwarranted hate on Reddit 4 years ago BUT this year I learned how to meet people on the internet.

Meeting people on a format as free as the internet can be hard. It is hard to be polite and formal in a world that feels like the wild west, but getting to work with the people I have and the internet people I have met has taught me the internet is a wonderful place.

BUT everyone should have their own terms. I have found that a home, a place to rest is alway the key to comfort, even in a symbolic world like the internet. “Every Artist needs their own room.” I plan on attacking and hanging out in reddit much more because I have a place to retreat to r/BrooklynPodcasters



In this ep we hit all the hard realities of our fantasies. It’s recorded from Podstravaganza at KidSuper fashion store: a 5 hour recording session!

Why puppets?

So if you didn’t see the first mic test puppet movie on the podcast feed, check it out now.

I have made one puppet movie before this for Gil William’s movie. I called it the Dimension Beast and in the movie it is called KindEye. http://ourherocomic.tumblr.com/post/128846342438/enjoy-a-new-choppedandscrewed

However after building up a ton of these recordings I call Mic Tests ( improvised spur of the moment recordings with a mic I keep on me at all time) I decided to make puppet movies for all the scenes.

The second motivation for this is a good habit of mine for art making that ended up having a critical mass tipping point: I take junk people don’t want.

It’s a known practice amoungst artists to save unwanted things to repurpose them for the art. However, as I mostly work in stop motion, my scale has prooved too small to use all my supplies. So in the interest of having a reasonable and organized collection of supplies in my studio I decided to make puppets.

The puppets larger scale allow me to get rid of more of the material.

BUT I love things like this. Practical need creates art. It’s always the best result for me. It’s motivation beyond regular art. It needs to be made. I hope yall enjoy the films to come!

Mike Fallek


30 Blogs I am not Doing- but more

So this whole project is based around the idea of living lives I don’t live.

I love making my art, but I cannot be every single artist I dream of being.

In my opinion, “Life is like Pikman.” If you don’t know the video game Pikman, it is mostly noted for these tiny grass creatures who do tasks for a lost Astronaut. However the more meaningful game play tool in the Pikman is the time element. One only has 30 Days in Pikman to completely fix your spaceship (the main goal of the game).

The really sweet cut scenes remind you that the game is never about getting every single part, but about fixing you ship so you can get home.

I can’t make every single art project in my head before the game of Pikman I, and all mortal beings, are playing in life.

Think about that :)

“Life is like Pikman”
– Mike Fallek


30 Podcasts: #6: It’s All Recorded in a Car


30 Podcast: –but another Podcast I am not doing

So because everyone has been so patient, here is a pilot idea that I wanted to do with an unnamed radio station that didn’t work out. So check out: