Boston Galactic Stars Film Festival


We even have an ASMR film category

This event is all about meeting filmmakers to make your professional career better. We are focused on the filmmaker.

Two events happen.

First is our live event in Boston. This if for the selected filmmakers only. Only 2 minutes ish of your film will be shown the bulk of the event will be meeting the other filmmakers to see how you can work together, offer advice, services, and commiserate.

The second event is our podcast online networking event. Get to meet in a digital hangout and talk about your work, ask questions of the other filmmakers and strengthen your online presence. In addition to being in the the audio event itself.

We accept ALL SUBMISSIONS! So please submit anything. As long as it can be sent via a video file we will read your description and watch your video and if we like it FIND A WAY TO INCLUDE IT!

Mic Test: The Case for Caffeine Pills Part 2


No. 9: Bummer Songs


In this ep we hit all the hard realities of our fantasies. It’s recorded from Podstravaganza at KidSuper fashion store: a 5 hour recording session!

Mic Test: MY Day

These are puppet versions of sketches that I make with a mic I carry with me everywhere.

I am making these puppets out of excess material from my studio. Read my blog post on it to get the whole thing

Me and the hilarious Adam Lauria


Professional TAG sport

SUPPORT MIKE’S MOVIE! Stop motion movie about Tag being the most popular professional sport.



I LIED! So this is one of the Mic Tests.

These are puppet versions of sketches that I make with a mic I carry with me everywhere.

I love this sketch. We made the audio after a bit of coaching at The KidSuper Clothing store in BK.

ALSO I will be posting a blog post about why I have been making puppets for these audio recordings.