Mic Test: The Case for Caffeine Pills Part 2



No. 9: Bummer Songs


Reddit and the so called “bad user”

I stayed away from Reddit for a while. A fan of the work of 4chan but not one to use it, I saw Reddit as having all the bite of 4chan without the sophisticated bar of entry- an internet version of Nyquil: too easy to get for such a crude high. This was, of course, the opinion of an idiot.

REDDIT SHOULD BE LOVED AS ANY OTHER INTERNET FORUM. One cannot blam the people for having a hard time communicating. Get a bunch of people in any room and someone is going to get confused and frustrated at some point.

I have learned not just how to meet people in real life since I first experienced the shitty feeling of unwarranted hate on Reddit 4 years ago BUT this year I learned how to meet people on the internet.

Meeting people on a format as free as the internet can be hard. It is hard to be polite and formal in a world that feels like the wild west, but getting to work with the people I have and the internet people I have met has taught me the internet is a wonderful place.

BUT everyone should have their own terms. I have found that a home, a place to rest is alway the key to comfort, even in a symbolic world like the internet. “Every Artist needs their own room.” I plan on attacking and hanging out in reddit much more because I have a place to retreat to r/BrooklynPodcasters